Billing and Compliance Summit | December 3-5, 2018 | Westin Lake Las Vegas | Henderson, NV


Remain compliant in an ever changing environment

Healthcare is continuously changing and effects on billing and compliance presents never ending challenges. Within healthcare’s environment of change, your billing and compliance practices must be up to date in order to prepare for OIG’s audit plans, weather reimbursement challenges, assess and renegotiate payer contracts, and find out how to appeal an audit.

Join us at the 2018 Billing and Compliance Summit as we break down upcoming changes and how they will impact your practice. Find out what you need to ensure your practice gets a pay bump and not a pay cut. This is your final chance to get the guidance you need to be prepared for next year’s changes.

Start 2019 with tools to successfully ensure that your billing and compliance process are bullet proof:

Federal audits are ramping up – find out what you need to stay off of the government’s radar

Learn from the mistakes of others by reviewing significant fraud cases from 2017-2018

Design a healthcare compliance plan at this event

Find out the best opportunities for revenue growth and how to take advantage of them

Learn how to think like a payer when designing bundled payment programs

Discover the weird and new stuff in payer contracts

Stop hemorrhaging money – find out the top five billing errors that are costing you money

Gain a better understanding of how valuable a self-audit is to your practice

In the unfortunate event of an audit – get the tools you need to make an effective appeal

PLUS Procedural (Plus!) Coding Changes Workshop

Set your practice up for coding success in 2019!

Get coding updates for CPT® and HCPCS Level II during our interactive preconference workshop. We’ll provide all the in-depth information you need to avoid pitfalls created by incorrect code assignment and keep pace with proper and compliant reimbursement procedures.

Look for more scenarios to help you better understand how to effectively use the 2019 codes.


Healthcare Compliance Plans

Design a compliance plan that fits your unique culture and office

Audits and Appeals

Create an effective audit response and appeal

Revenue Cycle Management

Ensure your revenue cycle stands up to scrutiny

Payer Contract Negotiations

Get insider tips to make contract negotiations work for you




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