The features you won't want to miss:

Validate code bundles to assure payment

Simple bundling instruction and validation tools easily show you pairings that can be unbundled, including code-specific eligible modifiers.

Validation Results

National and Local Coverage Determinations policies

Make monitoring changes a snap and avoid medical necessity errors with policy-specific ICD codes and full policy access.

Find the ICD-10 equivalent

Convert any ICD-9 code to its ICD-10 equivalent in seconds. See the CMS GEMs, plus the full set of choices within the mapped code family so you don't overlook more specific code options.

ICD-10 Quick Map

ICD-10-PCS, ICD-9 V3, DRG, APC, UB04 Revenue/ Condition code sets in one place

Quickly find and validate all facility codes using lay terms, acronyms, abbreviations found on outpatient and inpatient UB-04s and providers’ CMS-1500 claim forms.

search tabs

ICD-10-PCS procedure descriptions

Gain confidence in code selection and eliminate guesswork with each element of a procedure delivered in a single code detail page. No more cheat sheets!

ICD-10 Quick Map

Date of Service Search Tool

Search 60 months of codes, fees, guidelines, edits, and LCD and NCD policies and rules by an exact date of service. In a single click, correctly identify any Medicare Part A and Part B service with nearly 24 filtered references per code that would take you hours to find archived in CMS and carrier websites.

Date of Service Search Tool

1Verify decision making

Navigate CCI bundling edits

Simple bundling instruction and validation tools easily show you pairings that can be unbundled, including code-specific eligible modifiers.

Searchable code-to-code crosslinks

Ensure hassle-free reimbursement with a clear view of code-to-code relationships. See at-a-glance common pairings so you never leave a dime on the table.

code-to-code crosslinks

reimbursement rates

Manage cash flow and validate procedural payments with Medicare fees and dollars pre-calculated for your GPCI and easily adjustable for private payer contract terms.

1Accelerate Coding

Search across all code sets simultaneously

Search across all professional and facility code sets using a single search field to simplify your efforts and pinpoint decision-making content you need right away.

code search

1Simplify Compliance

PCS-to-DRG Crosslinks

Determine the connection between procedures and DRG codes with code-to-code crosslinks. Never leave money on the table with a clear view of code relationships.

Audit E/M charts with ease

Walk step-by-step through the 3 stages of proper E/M chart documentation to instantly validate the correct code. The easy to read, professionally formatted E/M Audit Results Report facilitates physician review.

E/M Chart Auditor

Audit DRG Grouper logic

Protect yourself from downgrade and ensure correct DRG assignment by validating best primary diagnosis, procedures and complications, and co-morbidities.

DRG Grouper

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