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Whether you are a professional or facility coder or you adjudicate claims for a private or public insurance payer, there is a perfect SelectCoder version for you. This single, consistent online coding solution delivers all of the decision-making information you need to code and evaluate claims accurately and faster than any other tool. It’s all right here in SelectCoder.

Access Levels

Standard Professional Expert Facility PayerNEW!
CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM and Modifiers: Quickly search to find codes, descriptions and instructional notes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 EXCLUSIVE  Coder's Scope™ definitions: Advanced procedural descriptions tailored for code selection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ICD-10-CM mappings, guidelines and conventions: Access all the ICD-10 guidance you need to ensure accurate coding at your fingertips Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fees, RVUs for facility & non-facility: GPCI-adjusted to ensure accurate reimbursement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
My Favorite Code List & Bill Pad: Tag codes for quick and easy recall, plus track codes for billing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
User and Group notes: Store personal coding tips and opt to share organization-wide to ensure adherence to policies Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Official AMA Guidelines Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CPT®, ICD, HCPCS crosslinks: At-a-glance common pairings to fill coverage-guidance gaps   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Modifier crosslinks: At-a-glance modifier eligibility to gain proper reimbursement   Yes Yes Yes Yes
LCD/NCD policies, covered ICDs, and validation tool: Up-to-date MAC-specific Part A, Part B, and DME coverage policies   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Coding & billing tips: Tips sourced from CMS and specialty society guidelines   Yes Yes Yes Yes
 EXCLUSIVE   Documentation Finder: Crosswalk clinician documentation with ease   Yes Yes Yes Yes
 EXCLUSIVE   Coder's Pink Sheet™*: Specialty articles, tips and guidance, all indexed at the code level   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment Indicators including MUEs and PQRS measures: Easily determine if you qualify for reimbursement and incentives   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hospital and Professional CCI edits with code bundling validation tool: At-a-glance code pair restrictions ensure proper reimbursement   Yes Yes Yes Yes
DME Policies: Prevent DME denials with current policies at your fingertips   Yes Yes Yes Yes
SelectCode Builder: Build a ICD-10-CM, PCS, HCPCS, and CPT code section-by-section to enhance your understanding of code structure   Yes Yes Yes Yes
 NEW  Code change tracking by year: View past versions of code sets to see new, revised, and deleted codes at-a-glance.   Yes Yes Yes Yes
 NEW  Article Search: Support coding decisions, enhance knowledge, and clarify complicated coding scenarios with advanced search of CPT® Assistant, AHA Coding Clinics, and DecisionHealth propriety Pink Sheet content by keyword or phrase.   Yes Yes Yes Yes
 EXCLUSIVE   E/M Audit Check: Step-by-step chart auditing tool with reports to facilitate physician review     Yes Yes Yes
 EXCLUSIVE   Instructional training sessions: Top on-demand training presentations to help support your choices     Yes Yes Yes
ICD-10-PCS, DRG, APC, UB04 Condition & Revenue Code       Yes Yes
Revenue code and CPT to DRG crosslinks: Clear view of code relationships so you never leave money on the table       Yes Yes
 NEW   EXCLUSIVE   Date of Service Selection Tool: Search historical content by entering an exact date of service from a claim. In a single click you receive all of the code sets, guidelines, LCD and NCD policies, RVUs, and more that were active as of that date.         Yes
 NEW  24 months historical content: Dig deeper to aid your investigation among all code sets, CCI edits, and policies         Yes

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