The FY2010 Medicare fee schedule is in effect, but still up for change as Congress continues its work. You can look forward to spending hour after mind-numbing hour on budget planning and Medicare revenue forecasting into the Spring. If you make one mistake in the Medicare formula, you could repeat it over and over throughout your budgeting and cash flow reconcilation process, rendering those hours useless. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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RBRVS FeeCalc can help you meet the most daunting challenges associated with:

  • Building fee schedules and projecting revenue
  • Handling last-minute changes to the Medicare fee schedule
  • Finding prices for drug and lab services not in the fee schedule
  • Calculate correct patient co-pays at time of service
  • Negotiations with private payers for fairer prices

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RVRBS FeeCalc calculates the Medicare fee formula automatically so you know that it’s correct. You customize results by your locality, insurance carve outs and private contractor payments and percentage of medicare fees.

  • Instantaneously search by code or code range for quick access to all the fee details you need.
  • Create profitable fee schedules, devise fees for new services and negotiate winning contracts.
  • Easily export and print your fee schedules for quick reference.
  • Populate customized spreadsheets with your procedures to calculate cost and break-even amounts per procedure effortlessly.
  • Store your favored local pricing regions (GCPIs), instantly switching back and forth among price localities when needed.
  • Avoid claim denials by determining quickly whether a service is payable by Medicare.
  • Stay up to date with the latest fee schedule and policy changes as soon as they are released.
  • Understand the latest fee schedule changes with instant online updates and notifications.

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