Minimize the financial impact of rate cuts and case-mix changes

Analyze your agency’s episodes with the most common ICD-9 case-mix diagnoses and your episodes with high-therapy use to determine how your agency will be impacted by the proposed 2014 PPS proposed rule. CMS plans to shave 170 ICD-9 codes from the case-mix list and to decrease payment for high-therapy episodes.

Those changes contribute to the average 1.5% reduction to Medicare payments that agencies could face in 2014. Add that to the sequestration cuts and agencies are at risk for an average 3.5% cut that signifies the worst year since the pre-PPS interim payment system (IPS).

With these major financial setbacks pending, you can’t afford to take a wait-and-see approach. Get a complete rundown of the changes in the proposed 2014 PPS rule, as well as tips to prepare, in this Home Health Line sponsored webinar. You’ll walk away ready to:

  • Measure the financial impact of the changes on your agency
  • Develop operational efficiencies to reduce the impact
  • Manage costs to minimize the risk
  • Prepare for a smooth transition to ICD-10
  • Outline a case-mix training program for clinicians
  • Ensure accurate case-mix coding

Bonus tool: Comparison of wage adjusted standard rates and case-mix weights for each CBSA

Register now to find out how to prepare for the significant changes in the proposed 2014 PPS rule and maintain profitability despite major rate cuts and case-mix changes. 

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