Optimize your payer mix and increase revenue for your practice.

Make sure you are maximizing revenue and efficiency with a cost/benefit analysis of your payer mix.

There is more to a payerís value than just the amount of money they pay for a particular service. If you arenít factoring in issues like how long they take to pay, how often they deny claims and if they grant appeals, you could be missing out on unseen revenue. Learn the true value of your payers when you learn to weigh the cost of doing business against what is spelled out in your contracts.

In this 90-minute webinar, nationally renowned speaker and billing expert Frank Cohen will teach you how to:

  • Increase your total payments by learning to factor in denial data
  • Speed payments to your practice by factoring in the appeals process for all your payers
  • Optimize contracts with private payers to reduce the cost of doing business
  • Get the most money with the least amount of overhead by analyzing and adjusting payer mix

Understand and optimize your payer mix to reduce your administrative burden and speed revenue to your practice.

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