CMS has proposed some of the most significant therapy documentation changes ever.

Expect the new requirements to add as much as three hours of documentation and review to each episode.

There are steps that your agency can take to speed up the training process and ensure you collect the thorough documentation that’s required while reducing the impact on productivity.

Gather your therapists together in a room and join nationally known therapy expert Diana Kornetti for complete rundown of the new therapy requirements. You’ll receive a step-by-step therapy training plan to ensure clinicians comply with new requirements without adding unnecessary time to visits.

As part of the webinar you’ll receive the following:

  • Tools for providing objective evidence, such as range-of-motion, to show patients will improve
  • Assessment tips to be used every 30 days and at the 13th and 19th visit
  • Strategies for reporting therapy services delivered by PT and OT assistants

Join expert Diana Kornetti to find out what the proposed regulations mean and what you can do to speed up the training process, collect thorough documentation and maintain productivity.

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