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Our powerful online application helps you:

  • Always know exact Medicare allowable amounts for services, DMEs and ASP drugs
  • Have a unique advantage in every payer contract negotiation
  • Calculate and store precise payments for your services
  • Create custom fee schedules

1 out of every 5 commercial claims paid isn't being paid at the contracted amount.*

*American Medical Association, 2011 National Health Insurer Report Card

FeeCalc Features & Benefits Professional Standard

Medicare fees and RVUs for every CPT code

Easily verify your fees and payments to create fee schedules for private payers based on Medicare's allowed charges.

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Medicare fees for HCPCS codes

Quickly determine billing for clinical labs, DME, and ASP drugs.

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Search by code or code range

Monitor your cash flow and calculate precise payments for your services with access to full code descriptions, adjustments and modifiers.

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Create profitable fee schedules

Devise fees for new services and negotiate winning contracts.

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Upload and store an unlimited number of existing fee schedules

Save time by managing and customizing existing schedules.

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Save searches and carve-outs

Speed through contracting, charge master and fee schedule changes.

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Exportable custom fee schedule to Excel or PDF

Easily export and print your fee schedules for quick reference or billing system upload.

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Full 2009–2013 Medicare fee schedules

Price off a percent of past Medicare fee schedules, like many payers do.

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Calculate and store precise payments for your services

Adjust conversion factors and apply percent-of-Medicare values to your fees on the fly, then save or export them.

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Real-time nationwide charge data from millions of commercial claims

Gain the upper hand in negotiations with private payers, networks, exchanges and ACOs and plan expansions into other service lines.


Charge data broken down by percentile from 25th through 95th

Set and adjust your charges with precision.


At-a-glance practice charge vs. market charge comparison

Know instantly if the fees you charge for your services are in line with prevailing market rates.